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Previous meetings

Previous LURN meetings
From last meeting:

2019 - the 15th LURN meeting March 21-22 at Ystad

“Inflammation in the Lung”

We are honoured to have several excellent key note speakers at LURN 2019:

  • Adnan Custovic, London, “Interplay between infection and inflammation” 
  • Ramon Farré, Barcelona, “Mechanical stimuli on stem cells: an important factor in lung regeneration and repair” 
  • Alison Humbles, MedImmune, ”Immunological mechanisms and strategies for targeting the inflammation in asthma and COPD” 
  • Sejal Saglani, London, "Pulmonary immunological functions at birth and in early life - key determinants of the development of asthma?” 
  • Sam Bayet, Grenoble, ”Investigating Lung Structure and Function with Synchrotron Light”
  • Mona Bafhadel, Oxford, “The use of biomarkers for assessment of inflammation and disease activity”


Archives LURN

2017 - the 14th LURN Meeting, March 16-17 at Ystad

”Personalized Medicine for Respiratory diseases"


  • Ratko Djukanovic (Southhampton) – Clinical view of asthma phenotypes –experience from U-Biopred
  • Tobias Welte (Hannover)– Biological treatments in asthma and COPD
  • Clare Lloyd (London) – Innate and adaptive immune responses in airway disease.


  • Abraham Roos (Gothenburg) – Mechanisms driving common cold-induced exacerbation in asthmatics
  • Anna Löfdahl (Lund) – 5-HT2B receptor antagonists attenuate myofibroblast differentiation and subsequent fibrotic responses
  • Celeste Porsberg (Copenhagen) – Acute asthma: inflammatory phenotypes and immunological mechanisms
  • Hamid Akbarshahi (Lund) – Allergic mechanisms regulating lung anti-viral defence
  • Haoxiao Zou (Groningen) – Cigarette smoke changes cyclic AMP microdomains in PCLS
  • Henning Stenberg (Lund) – Late allergic reaction –involvement of the small airways
  • Holger Schlüter (Gothenburg) – BET inhibition rescues the fibrotic phenotype in lung fibroblasts
  • Jesper Säfholm (Stockholm) – Mast cell Activation by Hyperosmolar Mannitol-challenge in Isolated Human Small Airways
  • Jonas Erjefält (Lund) – Histological Decoding of Respiratory Disease Phenotypes
  • Karin Von Wachenfeldt (Lund) TRISTAN: Translational Imaging Methods for Drug Induced Interstitial
  • Kristian Riesbeck (Malmö) – Novel infection mechanisms in COPD
  • Madeleine Rådinger (Gothenburg) – mikroRNA in allergy and asthma
  • Sandra Ekstedt (Stockholm) – New profiles of neutrophils in asthma
  • Sarah Allden (London) – Innate immune mechanisms in IPF
  • Stephen Delaney (Gothenburg) - Progress in disease modifying approaches to respiratory disease
  • Thomas Mandl (Malmö) – Pulmonary involvement in primary Sjögren's syndrome
  • Ulf Hedström (Gothenburg, Lund) – Repopulation of bronchial scaffolds from COPD patients and healthy donors with primary human bronchial epithelial cell


2016 - the 13th LURN meeting, April 14-15 at Ystad


  • Clive Page (London), “Research strategies for finding new targets for respiratory diseases”
  • Janette Burgess (Groningen), “The Extracellular matrix remodelling as a therapeutic target in asthma and COPD”
  • Anna-Carin Olin (Göteborg), “The diagnostic use of Exhaled particles“
  • Michel Aubier (Paris), “Endobronchial thermoplasty, who fits for this therapy“
  • Apostolos Bossios (Stockholm), “Adipokines as therapeutic targets in severe asthma”
  • Martina Schmidt (Groningen), “Being in the right place in the right time: Targeting COPD”

Organizing Committee: Ellen Tufvesson, Lena Uller, Annika Andersson-Sjöland, Michiko Mori, Irma Mahmutovic-Persson, Lisa Karlsson, Leif Bjermer, Jonas Erjefält, Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson, Arne Egesten, Marianne Person, Eva Körner-Muhrbeck
Program coordinator: Ellen Tufvesson
Supported by: Sandbergs stiftelsen, AstraZeneca, Boston Scientific, Takeda, Roche


2015 - the 12th LURN meeting, April 15-16 at Ystad 


  • Melanie Königshoff, München: Stem cells/progenitors and embryonic signaling in lung diseases

  • Reinoud Gosens, Groningen – Acetylecholine in chronic inflammation and airway remodelling
  • Magnus Sköld, KI, Stockholm – Diagnosis and treatment strategies of IPF in EU in general and Sweden in particular.
  • Sven Erik Dahlén, KI, Stockholm – Bitter taste receptors in asthma


  • Mattias Belting, Lund: Exosomes and Cancer
  • Susanne Gabrielsson, KI, Stockholm – Exosomes in COPD
  • Mattias Magnusson, Lund – Defining a road map of epithelial stem- and progenitor cells in human lung regeneration.


2014 - the 11th LURN meeting, April 9 - 10 at Ystad 

The theme for 2014 was to understand why lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and IPS are still under-diagnosed, under-treated and implicit. Uncontrolled asthma and understanding of how asthma develops. Mucus and mucous membrane - a vital barrier. Remodeling and regeneration

It was Michael Benson, Linköping University who received the Sandberg Prize. The best poster winner was Mandy Menzel. Henning Svensson and Maria Weitoft were given the 2nd prize.


2013 - the 10th meeting, March 20-21 at Ystad

Themes: Early airway inflammation, Orphan diseases and unusual pulmonary manifestations


  • Dr Andrew McKenzie, University of Cambridge - "Type-2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2) in protective immunity and allergy"
  • Prof. P.S. Hiemstra, Leiden University - ”Respiratory host defense and inflammation”
  • Prof. Guy Brusselle, Ghent University - ”Genetic and epigenetic markers of COPD development”
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Eickelberg, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and Helmholtz Zentrum München - ”Early stages of lung fibrosis”


2012 - the 8th LURN meeting, March 8 - 9 at Ystad


  • Professor James C. Hogg, iCAPTURE Center, St. Paul´s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Professor Hogg will be giving a presentation entitled “Novel aspects on morphology of the small airways”.

In addition, we will proudly announce this year’s recipient of the Sandberg National Award for Translational Lung Research, and a Young Investigator Award. A novel element will be a poster session, where PhD-students are invited to participate with a preexisting poster. The posters will be on display and a committee will be circulating and moderating the session, and nominate the recipient of the Young Investigator Award amongst the participants. 

The meeting will be addressing the following topics:

  • The lungs from a child´s perspective
  • A systemic approach to lung diseases, what can be learnt from other organ systems?
  •  Infection - the body strikes back?
  • Beyond tomorrow; stem cells, tissue engineering and nanotechnology
  • Mast cells- bad or good?

Program LURN 2012 (pdf 144,1 kB)


2011 - the 8th LURN, March 10-11 at Ystad

This year we are delighted to present the first Honorary Sandberg Lecturer, Professor Dirkje Postma, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. The title of her presentation is “Translational medicine in Gronigen - about genes, mice and disease”.

Furthermore, we will be proud to announce the recipient of the Sandberg National Award for Translational Lung Research, and a Young Investigator Award.

The meeting will this year be focused on the following:

  • Asthma, allergy and inflammation
  • Pulmonary immune responses and immune remodelling
  • Acute lung injury
  • Chronic severe lung diseases and transplantation

 This year we have the pleasure to welcome several invited lecturers, such as

  • Professor Stefan Uhlig, University Hospital Aachen, Germany
  • Professor Roland Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
  • Dr Martin Iversen, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
  • Dr Louise Lannefors, Lund University, Sweden
  • Dr Helena Linge, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, NY, USA
  • Dr Hans Grönlund, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden  

Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson, Leif Bjermer, Jonas Erjefält    


2010 - the 7th LURN retreat, March 4-5 at Ystad

The meeting is held traditionally at Ystad Saltsjöbad and its purpose was to constitute a non-profit research association - LURN.


  • Vibekke Backer, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark - Potential importance of the different phenotypes for treatment strategies ‐ Personalized medicine versus “one size fits all”
  • Ellen Tufvesson, Lund University, - Epithelial involvement during exercise
  • Sara Wernersson, Uppsala University, Uppsala - Protective role of mast cell chymase in allergic airway inflammation
  • Alf Tunsäter, Lund University Hospital, - Asthma and personality
  • Maria Gerhardsson, AstraZeneca, Lund, - BIG3 concept – A Way to Tackle the Health Care Crisis?
  • André Wennersten, Lund University Hospital, Lund/Malmö, - The BIG3 project in Region Skåne
  • György Marko‐Varga, Lund University, - Protein Expression Research and its Impact on Lung Cancer Studies‐ Six years of Biomarker Discovery in Japan
  • Angelica Brandelius, Lund University, - Inhibition of TSLP, a regulatory cytokine in allergy and infection
  • Jenny Calvén, AstraZeneca and Lund University - Mapping of the hypoxia‐regulated gene response in lung epithelial cells
  • Per Wollmer, Lund University Hospital, Lund/Malmö, - Microemulsion as new therapy for allergic rhinitis
  • Björn Jonson, Lund University, Lund, - Emphysema/fibrosis, an underestimated combination in COPD?
  • Chris Ward, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK - Ceramide is a potential biomarker of epithelial injury which is raised in the cystic fibrosis airway
  • Hans Jürgen Hoffman, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark - Regulation of the high affinity IgE receptor on cultured human mast cells
  • Kristian Riesbeck, University Hospital Malmö, Lund University - Outer membrane vesicles released by respiratory pathogens interact with the human host defence
  • Cecilia Andersson, Lund University, Lund, - Mast Cells in inflammatory airway diseases
  • Matthias Mörgelin, Lund University, Lund, - Collagen VI is a novel subepithelial target for primary adhesion of airway pathogens in COPD
  • Oskar Hallgren, Lund University, Lund, - Enhanced Rho‐kinase dependent contractility in fibroblasts from COPD patients
  • Anna‐Karin Larsson, Lund University, Lund, - Eicosanoids in COPD and airway remodeling
  • Pernilla Glader, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, - Interleukin‐17 in human airways after endotoxin exposure

Program LURN 2010 (pdf 191,1 kB) 


2009 - the 6th LURN retreat February 5 - 6,  Ystad 

Program LURN 2009 (pdf 198,9 kB)


2008 - the 5th LURN retreat, February 6 - 7 Ystad


2006 - LURN, December  7 - 8 , at Åkersberg, Höör

Tema : Slemhinnans biologi, samt Systemisk respons vid inflammation i lungan 

Tanken bakom slemhinnans biologi är att ta lärdom från inflammatoriska tillstånd i andra organ än lungan som involvera slemhinnan.

Vi har därför bjudit in in prof Åke Nilsson, Lund som har lång erfarenhet kring tarmslemhinnans biologi och inflammation. Dessa båda tema kommer sedan att fyllas på med föredrag ifrån vårt eget nätverk men eventuellt också med föreläsare utanför nätverk. Torsdagen avslutas med fråga LURN, där vi diksutera dagens tema ur olika synvinklar med tanke på grundvetenskapliga- såväl som kliniska aspekter. 


2005 - LURN December  8-9  at Åkersberg, Höör

Årets möte fokuserar på modeller för studier av respiratorisk inflammation.

Som vanligt träfas vi på Åkersberg i Höör på torsdag lunch, och fortsätter med föreläsningar och diskussioner innan vi avslutar dagen med middag och mingel. Fredag förmiddag ägnas åt uppdatering av projekten inom LURN, och avslutas med "Fråga LURN" och lunch.


2004 - LURN Meeting, November 11-12 at Åkersberg, Höör

 Second LURN meeting where we discussed the future of LURN  


2003 the LURN, October 23-24 at Åkersberg, Höör



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